Friday, July 31, 2009

Counting Down

I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful birthday wishes!  The Glen Ivy trip was a wonderful way to relax.  Ahhhh.... and all that leaves is a move across town...

I have decided that the next time I move, I will be moving into a fully furnished house.  FULLY.  I will be leaving behind everything at the old place- the furntiure, the dishes, my toothbrush.  I guess I'll take the cats and Craig, but that's it.  

The countdown is coming to a close in our deadline of being out of the old place by the end of the month.  I've been off work this week and Craig and I have typically been making a few trips to the old place to pack and clean, and then repeate.  I'd post pictures, but I don't even know where connector cables are at this point.  Even though we have a ton of unpacking here, I'll be thrilled to be all done with the old place and working on a more relaxed time frame.  While it's been stressful to move during school (getting migraines almost everyday!), I'm excited to have a the chill time after school where were are happily moved into our lovely loft!  Anyone want to come over for a pool side bbq?  We just need to find our towels, swimsuits, and get a bbq... at least we have a pool!

But despite the freak outs, pains, and the extra expenses, I'm can't wait to be settled it.  A little home with my fiancee and the kitties.  Yay.  Both Tesla and Curie are doing well with the new digs, and really enjoying scampering up and down the stairs.  Kelvin is doing ok, but like to spend a lot of time in the mattress frame of my bed.

My dad unfortunately, is not doing so hot.  They have to check his lungs, since he still has some flu-goo.  So they are bringing in the experts.  That's good at least, these people should at least know their shit.  Guess we can just take it one day at a time.

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