Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Hour Lost Souls

Getting out of work slightly early on Thursday, I decided to be semi-responsible. Responsibly, I went to the cafe Lost Souls and did some reading for school. Irresponsibly, I went during their happy hour. Because what goes better with Operations Management homework than a $3 sangria?

Lost Souls is a funky little cafe in downtown LA with a strong indie vibe and a bookshelf full of books and games to amuse one's self while enjoying a beverage.

Down an alley, it looks pretty shady from the outside. 
Inside, are couches, chairs, and even chairs on the ceiling. While I've been plenty of times during my lunch for a quiet place to study while eating a sandwich or enjoying a cup of their Soul Drip (coffee with condensed milk and half and half), but this was my first happy hour there. 

During their Monday through Friday happy hour from 5pm to 7pm, they serve $3 beers in addition to the sangria. They also do other fun stuff during their happy hour, such as performances by DJs, or display art from the Downtown LA Art Walk.  My sangria was over ice and brimming.  It was tart and sweet, and a lovely way to commence a long weekend.

Sadly, this was not my cup.

If you ever find yourself in downtown LA, I highly recommend Lost Souls.

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