Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kelvin Is Not Normal

Warning: Cute Cat Post.

I recently watched a video about Winston, a 'not normal' cat, and it made me think about how my scottish fold, Kelvin is 'not normal.'  

We adopted Kelvin (named after the Scottish Lord Kelvin) off Craigslist when K was about 9 months old, and he's our little burnt marshmallow - burnt and crusty on the outside and creamy and sweet on the inside.

My adorable marshmallow guys.

Scottish folds are quiet kitties... well, you wouldn't know that when dinner time comes around.  K tends to do the 'I'm dying... meow... feed me now.... meow.... I haven't had food since yesterday... meow... I've only had dry food ALL day....MEOW!!!'

Sorta like this guy:

Scottish folds are friendly, and have dog-like personalities.  He lived in the closet for a week when we first adopted him, and usually doesn't like to be pet.

However, he loves to be pet in bed.  He insists on bed snuggles, and lying on his back for belly rubs.  
Rub me now!

He's been rather freaked about the move, but I'm hoping he'll feel better once we're settled in.

Bonus: Baby Pic of Kelvin (his previous owner sent this to me).

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