Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kittens Update

As many of you know, a while back I took in some little kittens my roommate found in the alley.  In case you were wondering what happened to them, here's a followup.

Franklin was adopted at an adoption fair through MeoowzResQ.  The family that adopted him already has several cats, and their 13 year old daughter wanted a kitten for her birthday.  While Franklin was her first choice, she checked out the other cats at the fair just to be sure.  She was completely sure Franklin was the kitty for her.

Bootsy was adopted by a coworker's friends/neighbors.  A lovely couple came over to meet him.  While I got anxious when they stepped out to discuss, they did decide to adopt him.  He is now named Peanut (I love it!) and living with another kitty.  The best part is that I can ask my coworker how little Peanut is doing.  Status- he's doing great!

And finally, little Curie.  Craig wanted to keep her since she was so shy (and he claims she loved him the best too), but you'd never know she was shy now.  Total affection kitty, she races around to Craig, me, and our other two cats for attention.  Constantly a purr ball, I'm thrilled at the new permanent addition to our family.   

Of course, she does have some boundary issues... (that's my cup of water thank you!)

Now I just can't wait to foster more kitties.... but we probably need to unpack first...


  1. Curie reminds me of Rook~the fist kitty I had in Cincinnati. The coloring is very similar, as is the purring and the water-stealing. We have pictures of him with his head stuck in a juice glass :-) He used to lay on the couch behind out heads and groom us into a big nasty kitty-spit mess :-D

  2. When my kitty Kerby (who passed just about 2 mo ago- he had a tumor in his nasal passages :cry: ) was younger, he broke several cups getting his head stuck in them. There were also several instances of getting drenched in the middle of the night when he filched water from the bedside table. I got plastic cups just for that reason!

  3. Both kitty sound adorable! I haven't been drenched in water (yet), but I'll be careful about it!

  4. "Currrrrrrie! That's my water, oh your are such a goooood kitty that's my water oh you are so cute currrrrie!"

    ...Way to lay down the law there :-)

  5. I did not call her a good kitty... and... well... she is pretty darn cute!