Saturday, June 20, 2009

95 Floors Up

We've been to the John Hancock Center twice this week.  First time- winner.  Second time- looser.  

Mom and I went their for lunch during the week and it was great.  After riding up the 95 floors in the elevator,  we got to their Signature Room.  We decided to do their lunch buffet.  For $18 it was all you could eat of chicken, lamb, soups, veggies, and fish.  Pair that with a fruity martini and a spectacular view, which I did, and it makes for a wonderful lunch experience.

Even the bathroom has a to-die-for view!  
Bathroom View- no joke.
I wonder if I could rent out a stall...

While the view was amazing, we thought it would be even better at night.  My favorite thing about flying as a kid was to go over cities at night and see the lights.  It would be just like that, only with a chocolate martini.

So Mom and I fought the rain to get over to JHC one night around 9:30pm.  We were all excited for a great view, some appetizers, and I was looking forward to a chocolate martini.  Sadly, the martini was the only part that was up to par.  The view that we were so looking forward to was nonexistent.  

No view tonight.

The chicken tenders were cold.  And they were so heavily fried... it wasn't any better than fast food.  Probably worse, since it was cold.  I asked for ketchup and mustard for the sliders.  And that never showed.  I had to hunt people down to get it.  My mom asked for tea, and they said they just had black tea.  From our lunch there, I know they had other teas. 
 Service was pretty lame, though our waitress did take the chicken tenders off the check, since we had to send them back.

Slowest condiments, ever.

Back at the hotel, things got much better.  Nice hot shower to warm up.  Nice warm strawberry and rhubarb cobbler from the farmer's market.  Nice warm pjs and a little Steven Colbert to round out the night.  Ok, still couldn't fall asleep, but had a nice evening.

Sad night 95 floors up.

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