Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to "Normal"

I got back to LA Sunday night, then crashed before work on Monday.  I've been pretty tired all week, and may still be on Chicago time.  :p  Got a horrible migraine on Wednesday, at it was around 1:30am by the time the meds killed it.  Also, seems like everyone is getting sick.  A ton of people at work, as well as poor Craig, who has had migraines all week.  Actually, he was sick all day, and the toast I made him (with peach preserve from Chicago) is the only he's kept down today. 

Bootsy, first day

And good news of the day- Bootsy has a permanent home!  A lovely coworker of mine had some lovely friends looking for a kitten.  The couple came over tonight to meet Bootsy.  I got really nervous when they stepped out to talk about it, especially since Bootsy was more interested in foil balls than people this evening.  But they decided to take him home!  Bootsy is such a great mix of social adventurer and love bug, that I'm sure they'll love him.  They're also renaming him Peanut, which will suit him well.  I'm thrilled he has a good, loving, permanent home, but I think I'm going through kitten withdrawal.  Curie is snoozing and purring on the couch next to me, so I think it will all be ok. 

We get to see Craig parents this weekend.  Then it's off to meet our friend's semi-new baby!  I love kids that I'm not responsible for.  I can play with them, then hand them off when they get cranky or smelly.

I talked to Dad, and he's ok.  He's out of 'danger' - thank goodness!  I think this means his immune system is not at deadly low levels, though it will still be a while before he's back to 'normal.'  God, I'm not even sure what that would mean after everything.  However, things are still sucky.  He had to get a line put in his arm, and they hit a nerve.  He's been vomiting so much that he hasn't eaten all day.  (What's up with everything throwing up today?!?) Hopefully, that will settle.  Mom's picking him up a Jamba Juice- and they were a necessity during his interferon treatment a few years ago.

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  1. Glad to hear you're dad is out of danger, and that Bootsy has a good home. Got back from NYC on Monday, still trying to recover my voice from my allergy/upper respiratory infection.

    At least I don't sound like I'm going through puberty anymore...