Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An elephant, sushi, and a circus walk into a bar...

Another day of tasty eating.  I met my mom at the hospital, and we went over to the Elephant & Castle Pub and Restaurant for lunch.  It was most yummy.  They had fantastic calamari, wrapped in paper made to look like newspaper.  Mom and I also split a chicken bruschetta sandwich, which had a great pesto mayo.  And if you ever find yourself there, I highly recommend their Bailey's Cheesecake.  Imagine... well, Bailey's and cheesecake.  You get the idea.

After an afternoon of hospital fun-times, Mom and I took a break to see Cirque Shanghai at the Navy Pier.  It was 70 minutes of acrobats in sparkly unitards doing amazing things- like putting their feet behind their ears while doing a handstand on someone's back.  Or juggling plates.  Or hats.  Or people.  I think the lighting would have made it even better to see it at night, but it was still a great diversion at 4pm.
I want to join the circus!

Once the show was over, there was a great sushi place called Nui that was on the way back to the hospital.  They did flights of sake, so we tasted three different types.  'Dream Cloud' was the winner.  We had the 'Energy' roll- a crunchy roll with eel and 'Mellow Yellow'- which had salmon and mango.  While I didn't try any cocktails, they looked really tasty and quite creative.  Something to look forward to for next time.  One thing to note, they had one of the most 'Zen' bathrooms I have ever seen.  If I was ever going to meditate in a bathroom, this one would be it.

We were going to try a tapas bar later in the evening, but it was a bad chemo day, and Dad was too sick to be left alone later.  Take the good with the bad.  I stayed at the hospital till around 10pm, and then headed back to the hotel.  I took advantage of the Saloon Steakhouse and order the lobster bisque to 
go.  Taking my fancy soup back to the room.  I enjoyed it with its brandy cream and shrimp toast while in my pajamas and watching terrible reality TV about bridzillas and women with 18 children. 

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