Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Hour 1492

Now that I have a bit of time, I can post about some of the great places I got to experience while in Chicago.
I love vacationing during the week.  It means I'm free to enjoy the wonderful world of happy hour!  Today we bring you, gentle readers, the 1492 Tapas Bar.  $3 tapas 
and half off selected bottles of wine during their happy hour.  Mmmmmm... 
I love tapas, appetizers, prix fix menus, and anything else that lets me sample a ton of food.  (And Craig wonders why I always have to try some of his food when we go out.)

The waiter suggested a wonderful wine.  Not on th
e half off menu, but only $20 for the bottle.  It was amazing.  Light and sweet and so, so
 very drinkable.  We polished off half the bottle (ok, Mom had a glass, and I took care of the rest), and then took the rest of the bottle home (which made for wonderful late-night, post-hospital drinking).

We ordered six tapas, and by far my favorite was the lightly fried artichokes.  Chicken croquettes were also delish.
And the dessert- so simple, and yet so wonderful.  Vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin crepe and covered in strawberry sauce.  I was almost licking the plate by the end of it.
Mom's probably wondering how much dessert to eat.

Outside 1492, there was a psychic doing $10 palm reading deals.  Well, we couldn't beat that, so Mom and I got our palms read.  Seems she gave us the same fortune- you'll help people, you're a strong person...  Though she saw me with 2 kids (couldn't say if they were biological or not- I asked!) and that my fiance would be very successful.  Oh good.  Later that night I talked to Craig.  He was stressing about finding work, and I told him to relax, since the psychic said he's be very successful.  
His response?  "She must not know me very well."

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