Sunday, June 14, 2009

Need sleep, not to husband shop

Sleep comes so easy to kitties, why not to me?!

So it's 1am and I am desperately tired, yet I can't settle my mind.  Seems the times that all I want (all I need) is to sleep, are the hardest times to do so.  I took half an ambien, so I imagine sleep will find me soon.  And if you read fffffffffffffffffffff, it means I feel asleep on the keyboard.

I'm also looking at the book my dad bought me, and I understand why it's not always a good idea to shop Amazon on painkillers.  The book in question is "How to Shop for a Husband," and keeps referring to guys as though they were items of clothes.  This book has chapters that describe how to speed date and whether or not matchmakers are right for you.  This would only be a little weird, except that I have been engaged for almost half a year to my boyfriend of almost 3 years.  Oh sigh.  While Craig, my fiance, does not fit my dad's idea of my future husband (ie he is not a lawyer, banker, hedge fund manager), I still do not plan on 'shopping' for a husband.  Ok, enough for tonight.  While it isn't good to shop on vicodin, neither is it good to type on ambien.  Good night gentle readers.


  1. Hmm...Are there any chapters on how to put a potential husband on lay-a-way? You know, just so you can have one when you're ready... ;-)

  2. Love the kitty photo, what is his name? Kind of funny, the book your Dad for you. Looks like Amazon is taking parents giving their children 'suggestions' to a whole new level. ;) Hope you got a good night's sleep!

  3. I'll have to check the lay-a-way plans, but I think that's the point of getting engaged. In two years, I'll have me a husband. The kitten's name is Franklin, and he's one of the kitties my roommate found in the street. I'm fostering him and his brother till we find them homes.

  4. I've read blogs of people on Ambien, and it is REALLY funny!!!

    But I make damn sure I don't do it while drinking. Totally embarrasing when I read it the next day!