Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hospital TV

There's a TV in the hospital room, and apparently there is a 'zen out' channel.  Probably really great if you're on lots of drugs, but not too bad when you're just sober and tired.  It just plays non-confrontational shots of nature.  It's nine at night, and I'm almost dozing in a chair while watching this channel and listening to Barenaked Ladies on my computer.  It's a really comfy chair.  The kind where you can kick up your legs.

Barenaked Ladies not on hospital TV.

I think I've just watched various angles of waterfalls and bird of paradise flowers for the last five minutes.  It's a nice channel.  Whenever I'm really stressed, I can usually decompress with some sort of wildlife channel.  This channel has all the wildlife, but no carnage.  No circle of life, just life.  Waterfall
Waterfall Thailand
Trees.  A hummingbird.  
Some flamingos.
Three Flamingoes  A flower.  Another flower. 
Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia) close-up
Oceans.  A beach.  A sunset.  Clouds.  
USA, New York, East Hampton beach
Another waterfall.  

A lot like this.

I have no idea if there is sound, since my dad doesn't play it with sound.  But I imagine Enya would probably be singing something soothing.  Probably about a boat or the rain, or boating in the rain.

Enya is not on hospital TV, but maybe she should be.

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