Monday, June 15, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Kittens

On the bright side, I really like the hotel.  I'm staying with my mom at the Seneca hotel.  She's been here for 3 months.  With my dad in the hospital, I get the second bed.  Yay for not having to sleep on the couch.  Two years ago my dad was really sick and my parents stayed at the W Hotel near UCLA Medical Center.  While that place is a chic/trendy
place for a drink, it was a little weird (ok, a lot weird) for people trying to deal with serious illness.  The hotel here is much cozier.  And oh-my-god the water is so soft! I could shower for hours in its soft, warm caress.  Being used to water hard enough to bruise in Los Angeles, this is heaven.  I may never shower again.  (Just kidding Craig... mostly...)

Shower Bliss

I have to admit that I miss my cats.  Ok, I miss my fiance Craig and my friends, but at night, I really miss my cats- especially my grumpy little Scottish Fold Kelvin.  While Craig and I do live together, we have separate rooms.  (Actually works really well- I have room for my shoes and he has room for his multiple fish tanks.)  Since Craig has a back issue, he likes to sleep on the floor (I kid you not).  Plus, he's a night owl and I live in the world of sunshine, so between the weird hours and the fact I enjoy sleeping in a bed, generally the man in my bed at night is my kitty Kelvin.   

Some people have accused me of becoming a crazy cat lady, and well, they're probably right.  If I had the room, money, and time, I'd love to adopt more cats.  As it is, we're a big happy family with 3 cats and 2 more fosters.  Craig also likes to name our cats after scientists.

Our kitties:
My big love bug.  We adopted her (with a buddy, Edison, who sadly didn't make it) from the local shelter when she was 4 months old.  She's a total attention slut kitty, and getting fat.  When I feel guilty, I let her sleep in my room.  But then she'll wake me up at 4 in the morning by deciding to sleep on my head.  I then decide to use her as a pillow.

Like a burnt marshmallow, he's grumpy on the outside and sweet on the inside.  (Some would say the same thing about Craig.)  I've loved Scottish Folds since my mom read me the memoirs of the famous Scottish Fold Norman in "The Who Went to Paris," and have read a lot about them.  They are quiet, sweet, and loyal.  So I was thrilled to find a Craigslist posting for a 9 month old Scottish Fold. However, Kelvin is the loudest (meow- feed me I'm dying- meow- I haven't eaten wet food since last night- meow- I'm lonely...), grumpiest kitty I've ever had.  He hates our roommate's dog (who just wants to be his friend), and barely tolerates the other cats.  Yet, all this changes come bedtime.  Then, he's all snuggles and purrs as he flops onto his back in a fat Buddha way to demand Pounce cat treats and belly rubs.

And the rescue kittens! 

My roommate found 3 5-week old kittens on the street, and Craig and I are taking care of them.  We're keeping one, but looking for homes for the other 2 cuties.  (Anyone looking for 2 adorable kittens in the LA area?)

The little girl.  She's more shy than the boys, but a total sweetie once she warms up.  Craig felt she's too shy to be on her own, so she's the one we're keeping.  (Plus, she has Craig wrapped around her little finger... errr... tail.)  She looks like a mini-Tesla, and is even acting like her.

Franklin (I adore the yawn/moon the camera/nap video)
He was originally called Gimpy.  When we first got him he was the tiniest, scrawniest kitten and one eye was sealed shut.  Happily, he's just as big as his brother now, and his eye is fine.  Totally playful, and with strong attention loving qualities (he purrs when you pick him up).

The only kitty we didn't name, he is the most adventurous of the trio.  He will even take on P-Funk, our roommate's dog.  Ok, it's a small dog, but still bigger than the kittens.  Bootsy is ready for action!

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